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First results: Impression from flip chart in Ghent, more results we are going to publish to end of March 2009






European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net - www.elbarn.net

SAVE foundation – Joseph-Belli-Weg 5, D-78467 Konstanz/Germany - www.save-foundation.net

SLE - Rotselaarsebaan 45, B-3220 Holsbeek/Belgium - www.sle.be

ELBARN North West Area Workshop: Ghent, Belgium, 5th-7th March 2009

People concerned with in-situ or live conservation of rare breeds are often faced with the danger of losing important stock in cases of, for example, epidemics. The objective of the pan-European project ELBARN is to create a network of establishments active in the in-situ conservation of autochthonous breeds. The project aims to prepare, in every European country, the required infrastructure and logistics for the worst case scenario. EURONATUR, SAVE Foundation and partners SLE, RARE and GEH are running this project as a concerted action with financial support of the European Union.

ELBARN was launched with a 'Central Workshop' in February 2008, where working groups discussed rescue and quarantine, the characterisation of Ark and Rescue Centres, breeding programmes and the marketing of rare breed products. As a follow up to the Central Workshop a fact finding questionnaire gathered as much information as possible from all the areas in autumn 2008. Please find more information and reports on the ELBARN website: www.elbarn.net.

In March and April 2009 four 'Area Workshops' will be held in order to achieve the long term goal of a functioning ELBARN. For each area an 'Area Action Plan' will be developed, tailored to the local needs and synergies with the Global Plan of Action will be discussed. Animal breeding in this area is mostly well organised but regulation is usually directed at commercial animal breeding. This area workshop will therefore also focus on regulation, diseases and contingency plans for Rare Breed conservation.

Information for the invited people:

The cost of two nights in the hotel will be met by the project. Travel costs can be met on request. Please fill in the ELBARN questionnaire (at least questions 4,5,6 and your contact data) before registration, as it is a part of taking part in the workshop (you can fill in the questionnaire directly online here or download the questionnaire as Word Document or *.pdf in many languages). Travel costs can only be paid to participants who have filled in the questionnaire.

Please find in the following pages a short description of ELBARN, the provisional programme of the Area Workshop and the registration form to be returned by 31th January 2009.

The North West Area Workshop is coordinated by Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed, the Belgian partner of the ELBARN project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Staf Van den Bergh (staf.vandenbergh@sle.be)

Jef Aerts (jef.aerts@sle.be)

On behalf on the ELBARN Project Partners: Euronatur, SAVE Foundation, GEH, SLE, RARE



European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net

ELBARN, the European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net, is a pan-European project.

The ELBARN Network will be spread throughout Europe to share knowledge and

encourage collaboration between organisations and institutes wishing to conserve

European animal genetic resources. Additionally, the promotion of the products of these livestock breeds, whether this is as a food product or as a service such as grazing for environmental management, will be a central theme of the project.

It will document, in the form of an online database, all places that already exist and can be used as “Ark and Rescue Centres”. It will also encourage the founding of new Ark and Rescue Centres.

These Centres will:

•will keep core breeding groups

•as well as offer breeding help for livestock keepers and

•will also offer a place for the public to see the animal genetic resources of Europe

•will offer emergency places for endangered genetically important livestock.

ELBARN is not intended as a project that buys property or animals. Nor does it have any finances available for helping in the upkeep of Ark and Rescue Centres. However, through Work Groups, ELBARN will be able to make concrete suggestions on how Ark and Rescue Centres can maximise the marketing potential of the rare livestock breeds in their care, thus rendering them profitable. It is also hoped that, through the existence of an international network sponsored by the EU, smaller projects related to fulfilling the wider

goals of ELBARN will find funding to achieve their goals.

SLE: Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed [Living Heritage Focal Point] has been dedicated for almost twenty years to the preservation of the original and now often rare local breeds of farm animals and poultry in Belgium. SLE is the only organisation in Flanders that works for the preservation of our old and local breeds in all species, and for the retention of variety in our genetic legacy. In partnership with the Province of East Flanders, SLE is developing the Levend Erfgoed Park (Living Heritage Park) in the Puyenbroeck provincial domain in Wachtebeke. All the local Belgian breeds will be found there. The Levend Erfgoed Expo (Living Heritage Expo) takes place in the second half of August every year. It is a festival day for Living Heritage and draws thousands of visitors. SLE is a member of the SAVE Network www.sle.be

ELBARN Partners:

Lead Partner: EuroNatur: The European Nature Heritage Fund www.euronatur.org

SAVE Foundation: The SAVE Foundation and its Partners make up the European SAVE Network (Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe). www.save-foundation.net

SLE: Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed (Living Heritage Focal Point, Belgium) www.sle.be

GEH: The German Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds, www.g-e-h.de

R.A.R:E.: Razze Autoctone a Rischio di Estinzione (Rare Breeds in Italy) www.associazionerare.it



Action 066 ELBARN 2007-2010 received financial support from the European Commission, Directorate- General for Agriculture and Rural Development, under Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004  
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