5 June, 2023

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What is Arca-Net?
Arca-Net is a network of institutions that keep endangered livestock breeds or rare cultivated plants, making them known to the public. Arca-Net is designed for a broader public and, in form of a virtual guide, at any time available via Internet. Descriptions of the institutions, directions on getting there, offers and information on the livestock breeds kept and plants cultivated, their distribution, status of endangering and their history are available from Arca-Net. Some Information about products that can be purchased in the respective institutions is now also included.

A pilot version of Arca-Net is already running successfully in the German speaking countries. Now the extension to the whole of Europe takes place step by step in a multilingual version.

How Arca-Net was developed?
Arca-Net developed as a product of data collected within the frame of a survey on rescue- and conservation stations for rare and endangered livestock breeds. In a second phase, Arca-Net was extended on rare cultivated plants. As interactive Internet-guide, it is available to a broader public. In Arch-farms, open-air museums, livestock parks, arboreta and variety gardens, diversity can be experienced.

Who operates Arca-Net?
Arca-Net was implemented by the European SAVE-Foundation (Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe; http://www.save-foundation.net). The realisation of the pilot phase was possible thanks to the financial support of the Margarethe and Rudolf Gsell Foundation, Basel.

The extension takes place in the context of the project ELBARN (European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net).

For a closer look see: www.arca-net.info

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